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Why Are Uterine Fibroids Particularly Common in Black Women?

Uterine fibroids are growths in the uterus that are almost never cancer but can be painful. Theyre especially common in Black women, and researchers are studying why that is....

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Nerve 'Pulse' Therapy May Help Ease Sciatica

Researchers say the procedure could help people with sciatica avoid or delay back surgery....

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Top Health Challenges for Aging Asian Americans

Older Asian Americans face a number of health disparities. Here are the biggest health concerns for aging Asian Americans....

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Did Mattiedna Johnson Help Cure Scarlet Fever?

Mattiedna Johnson was a Black American nurse who may have played a key role in the search for a scarlet fever cure....

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Dogs, Cats Could Lower Children's Allergy Risk

A study finds that exposure to indoor cats and dogs in utero or early infancy leads to fewer allergy cases in children. Over 65,000 children were tested, and 22% who were exposed to pets had fewer food allergies than those who were not tested....

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Scientists Get Closer to Understanding 'Hidden' HIV

Researchers are closing in on another immune system hideout that HIV uses to persist in the human body for years....

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Too Much Time Online Might Raise Kids' Odds for Mental Health Woes: Study

A major new study finds childrens screen use could be altering their developing brains, increasing their risk for mood disorders....

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